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Desert Harvesters Banner.  Re-wilding desert cities and suburbs with Sonoran Desert food forests for a delicious and nutritious future.

Welcome to Desert Harvesters' Store Page, where you can support our work AND receive something wonderful in return!                                                                              

All DH items make useful and educational gifts, and come with the knowledge that you're advancing    our mission and making a difference.

Scroll down to view Desert Goods: Books, Seed Balls, Textiles, Posters, and Seasonal Services: Slide Shows, Harvest Walks,  Wild Foods Consultations, and more.

(non-profit organizations and indigenous people purchasing for educational purposes, please contact us for discounted rates)

Desert Goods: Harvesting / Kitchen Gear, Wearable Art, Rewilding Resources / Guides 

Poster Collection

Seasonal Services: Wild Foods Consultations, Slideshows and more

Delicious Desert Slideshows
Visually stunning presentations 
of seasonal Sonoran Desert food-bearing plants, including bean trees, cactus, berries, greens, herbs, flowers, and Desert Harvesters community kitchen table stories. 

45-minute narrated slideshow followed by 15 minute Q&A at your location.                                                                                               

Mac-compatible slide-show viewer and equipment required. $150            

Includes initial phone consultation. Mileage may apply                                                                                                                 

(non-profits and tribes purchasing for educational purposes: contact us for rates)