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Desert Harvesters is a local non-profit dedicated to inspiring and empowering folks to develop a deeper, tastier connection to place.

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from left to right:

1- we create events: 2020 Events brochure (pre-Covid)

2- we publish: recipe page, Eat Mesquite and More Cookbook

3- we re-wild the urbs and burbs: harvesting Cholla buds in re-wilded Tucson downtown neighborhood

4- we train: student interns learn to process harvested Barrel Cactus fruit

5- we demonstrate: DH Demo tasting table and Mesquite Bake Sale at Community Food Bank event, Santa Cruz River Farmers Market

6- we empower: participants learn to use safe harvesting practices at DH Mesquite Milling and Fiesta

7- we play with our food: volunteers learn to process and store green Foothills Palo Verde beans

8- we re-wild foodscapes and palates: La Cocina restaurant fundraiser menu items featuring Cholla buds and desert foods at seasonal

"Tuesdays for Tucson" event

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