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Bean Trees provide a reliable protein and super-nutrition source in the form of edible seeds and pods. The three main bean trees of the Sonoran Desert are:


Desert Ironwood

Palo Verde

Cactus thrive in southwest deserts due to drought and heat-tolerant strategies. These special plants also provide abundant foods with multiple health benefits.                                             Food-producing cactus include:

Barrel,  Cholla,  Prickly pear, 

Pincushion,  Saguaro

Berries like desert hackberry and wolfberry ripen after seasonal rains and provide juicy food for animals as well as humans. Seeds from desert chia mature after Spring blooming.

Both winter and summer rains trigger the growth of seasonal greens and herbs like verdolagas, amaranth, chickweed, desert lavender, aloysia, chapparal and devil's claw