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People::Harvesters (More coming soon! this is an outline)

Indigenous Roots

Four thousand+ years of place-based living;

Honoring indigenous native cultures: intimate knowledge of place, plants, seasonal migration, water;

Pre-contact/colonization, foodways inlcuding foraging, agriculture, hunting, trading, ethnobotany, archaeology, living cultures;

Social and economic justice: decolonization of food, land, resources, authentic relationships, reciprocity, not appropriation;

Harvesting Life: Sonoran Desert Foods

Historically gathered, grown, hunted, traded (bean tree seeds and pods, cactus, berries and seeds, greens and herbs);

Spanish Jesuit missionary introduced foods (wheat, pomegranate, quince, grape, lima, fig, olive, cattle);

relocation, loss of native foodways, and introduction of govt foods;

Aridlands-adapted foods brought to the desert from immigrants from Africa, China, other places;

Contemporary influences, interest and uses;  fusion recipes;

EMC2 and call for recipes for reprint;

Education and inspiration;

Best Harvesting Practices, harvesting ethics and etiquette; stories/art/photos

Sonoran Desert Living

Surviving and thriving in drylands: Native food forests, rainwater harvesting, solar energy, regenerative design, permaculture principles, for multiple benefits including shade/cooling, native wildlife habitat, utilitarian uses, forage for pollinators, carbon sequestration, O2/CO2 exchange, beautification, soil-building, enhanced quality of life; 20-21st century progress;

Tucson Meet Yourself and other ethnic/food festivals, SW Folklife Alliance, Iskashiita, etc., sharing ethnic and culinary diversity of present-day Tucson;

Programs inspiring and uplifting native voices, economies, social justice


TOCA, TOCC, Chukson Water Protectors, SXCF, T-O Nation, Yaqui Nation, Apache Nation, AZ State Museum, desert dweller tip mini-brochures, others

As we continue to build the website we’d like to include stories from the many volunteers and supporters who have contributed so much to our community. Add them HERE! (link coming)

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