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Desert Harvesters Banner. Re-wilding desert cities and suburbs with Sonoran Desert food forests for a delicious and nutritious future.

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man in sunhat holding plate with delicious alegria bars next to smiling Desert Harvesters volunteerDesert Harvesters Fabulous Food Stories

Coming soon: people who inspire us to identify, gather, process, prepare, celebrate and eat desert foods- like these sweet chia-amaranth Alegria treats, pictured here

A large group of volunteers and staff gathering before an annual community mesquite milling eventDesert Harvesters Event and Activity Stories 

Coming soon: people who co-create and attend DH events 

3 kids show off ripe prickly pear fruit harvest standing next to rainwater-harvesting basins with native plantsDesert Harvesters Empowerment stories

Coming soon: people who grow, tend harvest and use native wild foods- irrigated by landscapes designed to harvest rainwater

students learning to identify native bean trees and edible seeds and pods they produce, plus ethical harvesting Desert Harvesters Harvesting and Processing Stories       

Coming soon: stories from the field, classroom, and kitchen, seasonal guided harvest walks, cooking demos, mill trainings and more

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