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Desert Harvesters (DH) is based in Tucson, Arizona, in the beautiful, unique Sonoran Desert. For over twenty years Desert Harvesters has supported and grown community food and water security by inspiring the “re-wilding” of urban and suburban neighborhoods with delicious, drought-hardy, super-nutritious desert food plants, and cooking up affordable, place-based recipes anyone can create in their kitchen: A Grass-Roots Gastronomy!

Welcome to DH’s new website! The site is under construction until projected completion in 2022. Access the old website with this LINK. (please be aware many links on the old website may not work!)                      The new site is being designed in response to community feedback to be more organized, user-friendly, easier to navigate, visually engaging, inspiring and interactive. 

Desert Harvesters is grateful to be able to work within traditional Tohono O'odham,

O'odham Jeweḍ and Pasqua Yaqui homelands, and acknowledges our ongoing commitment

to un-learn and help change colonial behaviors through personal and group work.


Desert Harvesters is currently revising our award-winning cookbook! We are very grateful for funding from the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona's THRIVING COMMUNITIES GRANT, which makes this work possible.

Click HERE  to submit a recipe for consideration, and HERE for the Table of Contents to see existing recipes.

Pre-order your revised and updated cookbook, available by the end of this year- at a special price- HERE!

THANKS to the 60+ people who have pre-ordered!!!

Please consider making a donation to support the publication of a revised 2nd edition!

NEON:  Neighborhood  Empowerment and Outreach Network

Desert Harvesters has launched  NEON, a group on our facebook page! We welcome you to join NEON, it's easy. Click the red link above to join and for all the details. NEON encourages folx to connect and exchange resources focused on planting, tending, harvesting, processing, sharing, innovating, and using foods from local native Sonoran Desert food forests and Sky Islands!


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Desert Harvesters thanks the following organizations for ongoing partnership, support, and generous funding over many years: