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Desert Harvesters Banner. Re-wilding desert cities and suburbs with Sonoran Desert food forests for a delicious and nutritious future.

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Desert Harvesters (DH) is based in Tucson, Arizona, in the beautiful, unique Sonoran Desert. For over twenty years Desert Harvesters has supported and grown community food and water security by inspiring the “re-wilding” of urban and suburban neighborhoods with delicious, drought-hardy, super-nutritious desert food plants, and cooking up affordable, place-based recipes anyone can create in their kitchen: A Grass-Roots Gastronomy!

Welcome to DH’s new website!

This site is under construction until projected completion in 2021. To access the old website, use this LINK. In response to your feedback and input, the new site is designed to be more user-friendly and easier to navigate, visually engaging, organized, interesting, and interactive.

Desert Harvesters is grateful to be able to work within traditional Tohono O'odham,

O'odham Jeweḍ and Pasqua Yaqui homelands, and acknowledge our ongoing commitment

to un-learn and help change colonial behaviors through personal and group work.


Only a few copies remain.

Desert Harvesters is considering options for reprinting, or a new revised edition (-or a graphic cooking novella!?), which would require significant funding.  Original cookbook production was a labor of love, partially funded by a generous grant from LUSH. Cookbook printing expenses were offset by book pre-sales and crowd-funded donations, thanks to YOU!!       

We would love to hear from you about what kind of publication would be the most useful, collaborative and inspiring. Send us your thoughts, and let us know if you'd like to support a publication!

NEON:  Neighborhood  Empowerment and Outreach Network

Calling all volunteers!

Coming soon: Desert Harvesters is busy creating a NEON group on our facebook page. This will allow folx to connect around planting, tending, harvesting from, processing, and using foods from local native food forests!

contact us! 


Desert Harvesters is very grateful and thankful for ongoing support and generous funding over many years from the following organizations: Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, Santa Cruz River Farmers Market, Las Milpitas de Cottonwood Farm; PRO Neighborhoods, State of Arizona Forestry Division-Urban and Community Forestry Financial Assistance Program; Tecovas Foundation; Threshold Foundation; LUSH; La Cocina Cafe & Cantina; Food Conspiracy Co-op. We also appreciate decades of enthusiastic support from diverse members of the Tucson community, including many wonderful volunteers, members, donors, event partners, and old and new friends of Desert Harvesters.

Desert Harvesters collaborates with fiscal sponsor GARDEN, Inc. (Growing Alternative Resource Development and Enterprise Network)

Special thanks and best wishes to DH co-founder Brad Lancaster and his new organization Dunbar/Spring Neighborhood Foresters, for his many visionary contributions to Desert Harvesters.

We look forward to ongoing and new collaborations for Sonoran Desert deliciousness!

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